30th Birthday Photos

In this shoot, I worked with a lovely lady called Mary Isaac. She had asked me to photograph her in the studio for her upcoming 30th birthday. She wanted to have one last spontaneous memory of her 20’s before she settled down a bit more in her 30’s. 

For this shoot, Mary showed me a few photos that she liked and wanted to do something similar. Once I had looked at these photos I knew exactly what she wanted and made a mental note of the sort of poses I wanted to capture. 

She wore a yellow outfit complete with a tutu and heels. I wanted the focus of the images to be on her and her outfit so we decided on a plain white background so that there wouldn’t be too many distractions behind her.

After a few popped balloons and heel stumbles we were both so happy with the shots that we had produced. I really enjoyed this shoot because it was the first time I had taken a client into the studio with me. It was great to learn new things such as knowing what poses will look best on the model and how best to light the space that I was shooting in.

Chelsea x

Celebrating the birthday girl!