Fresh Therapies Product Photography

I worked with the company Fresh Therapies to produce several shoots. In the brief, I was told that they are an all-natural nail and body care company. As such I wanted to incorporate nature into my images as much as I could. I also wanted to keep the photos clean and simple to show that they are an organic brand. 

This was the first time that I would be taking photographs of products for a client. So I took the time to research product photography and find out how to make the products look their best. I learned how to set up flat lays and the importance of sticking with the aesthetic of the company. 

I used a variety of backgrounds and took the products to the studio, the park, and even the beach. I found that using natural light worked best for this project because of its soft warmth. The artificial light of the studio made the photos look too cold and harsh. 

Overall I enjoyed working on this project because I got to try something new that I had been wanting to do for a while. I also feel like it taught me a lot about how genres of photography should be treated differently as they require very different sets of skills.

You can see the use of my photographs here:

Chelsea x