Horndean Half Marathon

When I was given the job as the photographer for the Horndean half marathon in the Queen Elizabeth Country Park I was excited because although I had photographed similar events for college projects before I had never been the sole photographer. 

I was tasked with shooting the warm-up, the start of the race, during the race, and the end of the race when everyone received a medal. During the shoot, I wanted to get a few images of people who you would typically think do marathons. However, I wanted the main focus of my shoot to be on the people that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as marathon runners. In doing this I wanted to show that you don’t have to be super fit and healthy to run a marathon, anyone can do it when they try hard. 

My favourite part of the shoot was the end of the race because everyone had their medals and were so proud of themselves and their friends for completing the marathon. I also really enjoyed taking photographs during the race because a lot of people were becoming tired and worn down but would smile once they saw me with my camera. 

Overall I was really pleased with the shoot and would love to take photos at more marathons or other sporting events. 

Chelsea x

A group of very colourful participants and their four-legged friend.
Everyone got a nice shiny medal at the end of the race.