Hound Parish Council Remembrance Day Parade

In November 2020, the Coronavirus was at its peak and with uncertainty surrounding large gatherings, it was decided that the annual remembrance day parade hosted by Hound Parish Council would take place online. At this decision, I was hired as a freelance photographer to capture the proceedings of the day. I worked closely with the videography team to help create the best promotional images that worked well with the recording. 

The shoot was carried out over a number of days to make sure that everyone participating had enough space to stay safe. I took photos of several sites including Netley Abbey, the Cenotaph, and a local church where the service was held. One of the biggest challenges, besides the awful weather, was to control several groups of people at a time. Making everyone listen to me so I could get them organized and out of the rain as soon as possible was definitely difficult, especially when working with the younger children. 

Nevertheless, I was able to photograph everything that the client had requested within the allocated time. I was then able to take these images away with me and get them edited as soon as possible so that they could be used for the promotion of the video service. All in all, the day went amazingly. Everyone really captured the meaning of remembrance day and those who wanted to were still able to pay their respects to people we lost during both World Wars.

You can see the use of my photographs here: https://www.facebook.com/houndpc

Chelsea x