Lights and leading lines

For this shoot, I wanted to experiment with shutter speeds and leading lines. To do this I stood on a bridge which overlooked a busy motorway and, without a tripod, changed the shutter speed in order to blur the lights from the cars.

At first, I used a shutter speed of 2″5. However, I found that this speed was too fast for the look I was trying to achieve. Although this speed blurred the lights from the cars you could still see the shapes of the vehicles. Because of this I then increased the shutter speed to 3″2. This made the shutter speed slower and therefore made the lights from the cars blur into one line, which was the image I was looking for. As well as this the shapes of the cars were hardly visible and the line created by the lights was straight and lead off into the background, adhering to the two main focuses of the shoot.

Despite my success with some of the images, I found that it was a challenge to keep the camera steady while the shutter was open. This meant that while some of my images met the criteria of the shoot, the lines created by the lights were jagged rather than being smooth as I wanted.

Although there were some difficulties with the shoot I overcame them and was able to meet my criteria with a great deal of success.

Chelsea x