Stephanie and Florent’s Wedding

Stephanie and Florent had been together for a long time before they decided to get married. Their wedding was small and full of only their closest friends and family. Their reception was held in a local pub that meant a lot to all of them. 

One of the biggest challenges during this wedding was that the lighting was very dim in both the registry office and the pub. After changing my settings a few times I found a combination that worked well. During the time between the wedding and the reception, it was planned that I would take photos of the couple and their kids in the park. Unfortunately, we were not able to do this because it was snowing. Because of this, I made sure to take some extra candid shots of the couple interacting with their children and as a family. In the end, this worked out well as both the bride and groom were very happy. 

This wedding and reception enabled me to learn a lot about photographing really small weddings and making the most out of a more intimate setting. I found that while it was easier to make sure I had photographed everyone at the wedding it was also difficult to come up with new poses or significant events that I could photograph. Overall this wedding was an amazing learning opportunity and I am so grateful to the couple for allowing me to join them on their big day.

Chelsea x

The bride made her own bouquet over lockdown.