Wendy and Trevor’s Wedding

As this was the first wedding that I have been the photographer at, I was super nervous. I did a lot of research before the wedding and also spoke with the clients a number of times to make sure I knew what they wanted and the style of photos that they liked. The couple had differing opinions on the images they wanted so I had to work hard to produce something they would both like on their special day. 

While the bride wanted the photos to be more posed to make sure everyone important to the couple had a photo with them, the groom wanted the images to be more candid because he didn’t like standing around and forcing a smile for a photo. This made it difficult to find a balance between a few staged/ group photos and the more playful candid shots. 

Eventually, the bride won and we spent half an hour after the ceremony taking posed group photos. Once we had finished this everyone stood chatting and having a few drinks while I took a few more natural photographs. 

Overall I was really happy with my first wedding as a photographer and it is something I would like to explore more in the future. 

Chelsea x